Airport Arrival Pick-Ups

Alpine Navigator primarily serves the Salt Lake City Airport, the TacAir and Atlantic Aviation private airports in Salt Lake City and the OK3Air private airport in Heber City. When you arrange ground transportation you will be asked to provide your arrival flight number and estimated arrival time.

We use live tracking of all commercial and private jets which provide us with fairly accurate estimates of your landing time. If your flight is cancelled please let us know immediately at 435-659-8859. It is helpful to stay in touch with us if your private jet is on a confidential route and therefore not registered for flight tracking.

During the reservation process we will also ask if you wish to use our Meet & Greet Service. Below is a full description of the differences and procedures of our Curbside Pick-Up Service and our Meet & Greet Service.

Curbside pickup

Curbside Pick- Up is our basic transfer service at the Salt Lake City Airport. The initial contact with the driver is done through the cell phone number used during the reservation process.

Once you power up your phone after landing, you will see a welcome SMS message from your driver. A response is helpful to confirm the accuracy of the flight tracking information. After exiting the aircraft, proceed to Baggage Claim area to pick up your bags.

Let your driver know when you have all your bags and he will pull up to the appropriate curb within 8-10 minutes from the authorized Ground Transportation Parking Lot. We drive black Lincoln Navigator Ls with Alpine Navigator signage.


Meet & Greet Service

Choosing this option will guarantee a full-service arrival experience and the smoothest transfer from the plane to the limousine.

Your driver will wait for you with a sign and a luggage cart inside of the Arrivals Terminal just before your reach Baggage Claim. He greets you personally, assist with your bags and escort you to the vehicle.

The Meet & Greet service is automatically added to the transfer of those passengers who arrive with private jets and to those international passengers who do not provide a working US cell phone during the reservation process.

The fee for the Meet & Greet service is $30.


Airport Departure Drop-Offs

Passengers departing at the Salt Lake City Airport are recommended to reserve their pick-up time to leave Park City at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. The ride from Park City to the airport is approximately 45 minutes in normal conditions.

If your reserved departure time is during a predicted snow storm or other hazardous weather condition, please contact us at 435-659-8859 to reschedule.

Passengers from Sundance Resort are recommended to leave at least 3 hours before the flight departure.